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Monday, January 16, 2006

a hack + tagvertising

I did create a version of TagMan. What's a search engine marketing firm doing creating games related to tags? Well, tags are related to search engine marketing. First, tags are a near real-time indicator of what topics are hot. Current tags could be used for further keyword research. Most keyword research data is a bit stale. Granted, tags tell us how people are categorizing items (blog posts, pictures, urls, etc) not what keywords they are using while searching. Still, it can't hurt to be aware of the tagging trends. Also, have you noticed that Technorati displays sponsored links on their site? If you know which tags are popular and you translate those tags to keyword buys, your ads could be displayed on their site.

BTW, using my firm's free web analytics software, I've noticed that Technorati has switched from carrying Google AdWords ads to Yahoo! Search Marketing ads. Maybe they really are looking to get acquired by Yahoo! Also, these are search ads as opposed to content ads. Perhaps tagvertising is quite present in 2006.

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