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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Technoratibot Visit

The manual tagging did work. Took a little over an hour. Here's the sequence:

9:00 Blog updated
9:09 Googlebot visits
9:12 BlogsNowBot visits
10:11 Technoratibot visits

A few minutes after the Technoratibot visited, I saw my blog post listed on their Blogging tag page. The entry was the second one down and looked like this:

Blogging Tags and Meta Keywords
By Richard Ball in Apogee Weblog 1 hour ago
As I'm learning about blogs and blogging, I'm intrigued by this notion of tags. However, it seems like it could be easy to abuse. Reminds me of the...

So, good to know the manual tagging works. I'll try an experiment later to see if the ping/update cycle time of 1 hour is typical.


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