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Monday, December 26, 2005


I've been resisting setting up a blog for my company. Haven't really seen the need as I post articles on my site directly. Must admit, I still don't "get" this whole blogging craze. I figure the best way to "get" it is to simply do it. So, this blog will help me understand blogging and I hope it will also provide useful information to anyone who happens to read it. I'm curious to find out how blogs are incorporated in the web at large. I will be tracking my web logs, not to be confusing with weblogs (blogs), to see where traffic comes from.

To kick things off, let me explain that I plan to post about search engine marketing, the industry my company serves, as well as web analytics, small business growth, internet sector investing and any other topics that seem relevant to my business. I'm expecting to make my blog posts brief while I continue to write longer, more detailed articles. As an introduction to my company and the industry it operates within, read this article I wrote for a Business Week advertising section: Search Engine Advertising is Essential for Modern Marketing (pdf).