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Friday, January 06, 2006

Need Feedback for Technorati Tags Hangman Game

Please play TagMan, a hangman game that uses Technorati tags for the words to guess, and then post comments to this blog entry with feedback concerning the game. There are a few specific questions I need help with:
  1. Is it a useful feature to be able to replay the same tag after losing a game?
  2. Are there enough incorrect guesses allowed?
  3. Are there too many incorrect guesses allowed?
  4. Is the retro, ASCII art UI cool or should the game have better graphics?
  5. Is the game a fun way to browse the Technorati tags?
Comments don't have to address those questions alone. I'm looking for any feedback to help improve the game. Thanks for your help.

Technorati tags: , , , ,


Blogger 40 said...

Pretty cool game. I would like to know the name of the tag when i don't guess it correctly though. Other than that - it is a neat thing.

As for "netiquette" about posting too many tags... I have read a few tips about that. It is silly to post tags that no one else would ever tag or search for. So it would just be a waste of time I guess?

I am having some trouble with Technorati - I post something and tag it - yet when I search Technorati it doesn't show my own post. Kind of strange. I wonder If I am doing something wrong? Any ideas?

Now if I do a search of my own blog through technorati - it finds info for me. But, not through the tags I am posting. Odd.

Sat Jan 07, 10:10:00 PM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Hi David. Thanks for the feedback. I currently don't let the game show the name of the tag when you lose a game but instead let you choose to either play the game over again or play a new game. I could change the game to either: 1) add a third option to view the tag, 2) show the tag after N losses (maybe N=5), or 3) add some sort of hint feature - perhaps use Technorati's API to show the titles of the first few blog posts in that tag. Again, thanks for the constructive feedback.

Regarding your Technorati trouble, I'm guessing that what's happening is that newer blog posts are kicking you out of their index. For example, for your recent blog post, Politics: Kickback Mountain,
one of your Technorati Tags is Delay. Doing a search on Technorati for Delay, they show 20 posts per page for 10 pages or 200 posts. As of right now, the last post (#200 on the last page of search results) was 4 hours ago. I see your entry from 23 hours ago under the tag (using their tags feature and not the search) because fewer people have tagged their posts. IOW, I think your post is scrolling off of their search results pages.

I'm still new to blogging and new to Technorati. It's a really cool site but is a little confusing to navigate. So, that's just my hunch as to what's happening. Note, too, that I'm noticing a long delay (not pun intended) sometimes between the time I make a post, ping Technorati before I see the Technoratibot visit my site. So, the first time I see my post on Technorati, it'll say 1 hour ago or 2 hours ago. Once the bot visits my site, the update on is quick. But there's often an initial delay.

Sat Jan 07, 10:55:00 PM EST  
Blogger 40 said...

Very interesting on the delay with the tagging and technorati bot visit. I know there is a way to manually ping technorait - but I did that and still had a delay.

Still a neat sit, though it doesn't look like it is as effective for me as other people.

Sun Jan 08, 10:39:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Lisa Boyd said...

Hey Rich! I was just checking out your blog entry on the Ryzers on Squidoo and saw this.

I love it! It's a neat concept, and I like the ASCII graphics although I'm a little bit of a code freak myself ;)

Lisa B.

Tue Jan 10, 10:24:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Jeffrey said...

Thanks for the game, and thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate the feedback.

Sat Jan 28, 11:53:00 AM EST  

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