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Friday, January 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen v0.9

Came across this Thursday Thirteen Meme today. It's Friday now but as it is the thirteenth, I'll give it a go:

Thirteen Things about Richard's Clients
(This is a corporate blog, after all)
  1. Maine Munchies: My kids devour their dark organic chocolate snack mixes. Ok, yeah, I like 'em too!
  2. Plantrex: See the on my shirt? Gotta love a client that sponsors my soccer team!
  3. Analytical Investing: Most mutual funds don't beat their benchmarks. Nice to see my client's beating the market.
  4. Your Memory Lane: Just took over their Google AdWords account this week. Am pleased to have them as a client as their Memory Lane prints look like a very unique gift.
  5. Eco-Strip: It's good to see a links page that's a list of useful links relevant to my client's industry instead of reciprocal link garbage.
  6. The New School: Each year they hold a Rudolph's Red Nose Run. I like the t-shirts.
  7. Hedwin Corporation: Do you need any blow molded products? C'mon now, you must! Seriously, though, this is a great, employee-owned company.
  8. Century 21 Mann & Sons: It hasn't been too cold of a winter so far, but beach property sure does sound nice right about now.
  9. Oxford Solar: I start work on their site next week. It's cool to have another eco-friendly client. They sell Solar Electric Systems.
  10. WizardsSpell: My web designer started this company. It has a compelling story.
  11. Speaking of web designers, I've had the pleasure of working with some fine ones as I've been handling clients' search engine marketing.
  12. Hmm, not enough clients to fill this list. You'd think I'd have thought of that before starting this list. Nevermind, play my Technorati TagMan game.
  13. What?! You shouldn't have gotten this far. Why aren't you playing TagMan? Ok, fine, try the Squidoo Tagman version. Phew! No more list items. >8-)

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Leave me a comment, too, if you know how many tags are considered good netiquette...
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Blogger Courtney said...

Thanks for visiting my blog & TT.

Tue Jan 17, 01:44:00 PM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Hi Courtney. Likewise, thanks for visiting my TT and for linking. I've linked to your TT. Could you do me 2 favors?
1) Change the "T" in "Thursday" to a "t" in the link from your TT to my TT.
2) Try my new Flickr TagMan game.


Tue Jan 17, 03:14:00 PM EST  

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