Friday, October 27, 2006

Blogger Woes - Time to Switch?

It's been a tough week to be a Blogger user. Is it time to move Apogee Weblog and this blog to a new platform, perhaps MovableType or WordPress? Or, should I wait until Blogger Beta has FTP publishing? I do understand what it's like to endure a server crisis. A little over 10 years ago (geez, gettin' old), I remember pulling an all-nighter while a software engineer at AOL. The usenet server was crashing regularly and the lead developer was on leave. Couldn't re-create the bug in a test environment, so I ended up hopping on a production server with the gdb debugger and found the problem.

Speaking of blogging problems, what's up with Technorati? Is it not listening for Blogger updates or is Blogger not sending them? I do have Blogger set per Technorati's instructions. Lately, even manual pings don't work. Haven't seen Technoratibot in the server log for awhile. Are there alternatives to Technorati, both in terms of a good blog search engine but also as a means for increasing visibility of your own blog posts? Are IceRocket and Google Blog Search viable alternatives? Are there better blog search (and "be found") solutions? I've been including Technorati tags when posting, but it feels like that's just helping Technorati. Clever of them, I suppose.

I have noticed the BlogsNowBot seems to visit shortly after Blogger updates. If they're getting the updates, why isn't Technorati? Incidentally, I like BlogsNow. Simple interface but useful information. Technorati looks great and has all kinds of interesting features, but if its most basic features don't work adequately and consistently, what's the point?

It'd be great to know:
1) What's the best blogging platform?
2) What's the best blog search engine?
3) What are other essential blogging tools?

Are these pointless? Technorati tags: , , , , , , , ,


Schmidti said...

I sign in for yesterday and I´m very disappointed by the technical reliablity of that system especially the Server (Upload, puplishing).

Now, I have transfered mein Blog to my own Server in oder to have a better and reliable upload, but this was an tremendous mistake!

Obviously, is absolutely not able to garantee a quick and reliable posting and blog-update!!!!

I think, I should move to another blog-provider...

Instead of honoring themselves, the should work, if necessary day and night, to fix this Serverproblems as quick as possible.

They should remember:
A blog is to used for blogging and not for waiting or watching the upload clock, to recognise in the end, that nothing happened / was published...


10:15 AM  
Richard said...

Hi Thomas,

Yes, it's been quite frustrating. On the one hand, it's hard to complain when a product/service is free. OTOH, if you're going to offer something for "free" then do make it available.

In your case, maybe try the new version of Blogger. Looks like you can publish in German and FTP to your site if you don't want to host on theirs.

3:13 PM  

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