Monday, September 11, 2006

StumbleUpon Traffic

I've been reading the SEOmoz blog lately. It's an interesting intersection of SEM and web 2.0 thoughts. Shortly after reading Rand's entry, StumbleUpon's Fantastic Ability to Drive Traffic, I noticed a little bump in my server log files from StumbleUpon. Here's the data MTD, unique visitors who found the TagMan game via StumbleUpon:

9/01: 1
9/02: 1
9/03: 3
9/04: 151
9/05: 12
9/06: 14
9/07: 10
9/08: 15
9/08: 3
9/10: 6

No, that's not much traffic, but that's still ~200 people who found the TagMan game. That's more than 0 and it's all free traffic. The question, then, is how to cultivate traffic from sites like these? Or, perhaps it's better not to do so and to simply continue to create good content, tools, games, etc. and presume that the various social bookmarking sites will eventually drive traffic. I bet there are quite a few people thinking about using these sites for marketing purposes. I'd be wary of doing so, though. I suspect users of these sites are clued in enough to know what's spam and what's genuine. Still, I bet there are tactics to increase the likelihood of gaining traffic from these types of web 2.0 sites without bordering on spamming.

The interest in web2.0 / social bookmarking / folksonomy / tagging sites like StumbleUpon and reminds me of the buzz surrounding Firefly in the mid-1990s. Perhaps effective collaborative filtering has finally arrived, albeit with much less fanfare. Note that while StumbleUpon helps you find new websites, a game of TagMan allows you to stumble upon new tags you might not otherwise have found. ;-)

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Jose said...


Just discovered your blog today. I enjoyed playing Tagman. You'll also be pleased to note that I just thumbed you up.

Blog on

I've also noticed a surge in traffic from SU. By and large I'm enjoying mixing it up with and using Stumblers and Stumbleupon.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous said...

Stumbleupon doesn't need to be cultivated... it does it's own promotion so long as your site is cool...

You might want to get the SU toolbar yourself and check out what people are saying about your pages...

Other than that, I think most people react negatively to the thought of being "cultivated"... SU is almost like word of mouth...

A few "top stumblers" find a page, they mark it as good, then everyone who has decided to view that person's favorites will see it... and they mark it thumbs up, and then everyone of THEIR favorites see it.. etc.

8:32 PM  
Richard said...

Hi Jose,

Thanks for playing the game and for giving this blog the thumbs up. I'll have to check out your life from a science fiction point of view blog.

Yeah, StumbleUpon seems like an interesting product/service. I'll have to try it out.

Thanks again.

12:11 PM  

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