Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog Day 2006 Flickr Blogs

Posting about earlier today, I came across the (and ) . This BlogDay 2006 site appears to be the origin of the . Looks like the idea is to link to 5 new blogs on blog day. I'll oblige. I'll link to 5 interesting sites that have linked to Flickr TagMan over the past few months. After all, if they've linked to the version of the web 2.0 tag game, they must be interesting blogs. ;-)

1) Blended Edu - Flickr Hacks for the Classroom

2) David's APC Workshop Blog - Flickr API fun stuff

3) mental axis - Flickr Tools

4) 6initiative - Services and Mashups for flickr

5) Wanderluck - Cool Flickr Tools

Happy Flickr Blog Day 2006!


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