Friday, March 24, 2006

New Search Engine with Free Tagvertising

Is tagvertising viable? A new search engine, DumbFind, is offering a free tagvertising product called Adsonomy. It's free so it can't hurt to try. DumbFind has a steep hill to climb when you consider that the competition is Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Not to mention Interactive Corporation's newly rebranded Ask (formerly Ask Jeeves) which has been advertising on television lately. At least DumbFind is not yet another search engine. Their use of tags is intriguing. Would you use a search engine that uses tags to help improve search results?

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Amy said...

Hi Tagman -

Discovered your post and thought you might want to check out the latest evolution of DumbFind: Also see press release here: (

btw. - Searchles/DumbFind is not trying to compete with Google, Yahoo or Microsoft....but....if you would like to shamelessly promote that theory such that it causes a stampede of interest and/or a valuation along the lines of YouTube..... :-)

Thanks for the ink from March and we hope you'll keep up with what we're doing.

4:31 PM  
Richard said...

Hi Amy, I've exchanged email with Chris regarding some ideas for promoting DumbFind. I've talked on the phone with someone, too. I believe that was Eric? At any rate, I think DumbFind does have great potential. I was just pointing out that you've picked some pretty stiff competition - and for their core product. YouTube beat Google and that's why they were bought, but they didn't compete with Google's core product. Maybe you can find a secondary market instead or partner with another search engine? ;-)

3:54 PM  

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