Monday, October 09, 2006

TechCrunch Mentioned on CNBC

With all the speculation swirling around a potential Google + YouTube deal, I noticed that TechCrunch was mentioned on CNBC. On Friday's episode of Fast Money, Guy Adami interrupted a conversation about the possible deal, looked down at a sheet of paper and said:
Let’s talk about this guy that scooped this thing today - Michael Arrington. Tech… CRUNCH?!
He was visibly perplexed and obviously had no idea who Michael Arrington is or what TechCrunch is. His tone was clearly sarcastic and he seemed to think it ridiculous that the source of the story was a blogger. As I was watching the show, I'm thinking to myself, "Now, who's this Guy Adami guy? Everyone knows who Michael Arrington is and what TechCrunch is." I wonder if more people read TechCrunch than watch Fast Money. Anyway, had to "rewind" my DVR a few times to catch precisely what his comments were. Did anybody else notice this?

Speaking of Google news, amazing that their corporate blog was hacked over the weekend. Building on the momentum from Hack Day, maybe it was a Yahoo! hacker. (JK)

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