Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is SMO SEO for Web 2.0?

Is SMO to web 2.0 what SEO is to web 1.0? Since my last post about StumbleUpon traffic, I've come across this excellent post, 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO), written by Rohit Bhargava. These rules have since been expanded to a list of 16 by a group of bloggers. Lee Odden has posted a comprehensive summary, New Rules for Social Media Optimization. In keeping with rule #11 "Be real" (posted by Cameron Olthuis via Introduction to Social Media Optimization), I suggest:

#17 Make it fun!

When you think of the word "social" in relation to an offline activity, doesn't the word "fun" come to mind? I think that the "fun" should be translated online. SMO is not about optimizing for algorithms, it's about optimizing for people. People are fun. If they're not, well they're no friends of mine. (Sidenote: I just found myself humming, "We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine." Geez, I must be a man without hat). Here's an example of the kind of fun you can have with web 2.0:

TagMan | Play a Hangman Game with Flickr, Squidoo, or Technorati Tags

Play a game. Have fun! And then tell me, is "Make it fun!" a good candidate for the 17th Rule of Social Media Optimization?

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Cameron Olthuis said...

I like it!!

3:28 PM  
Richard said...

Thanks, Cameron. BTW, is it the hangman game or the rule you like? ;-)

9:27 AM  
Michael Brito said...

Hi. Are you the same tagman on the DP forums?

1:24 AM  
Richard said...

Hi Michael. Nope, not me. These days, the only forum I post on regularly is AdWords Help. I post as Rich@Apogee.

12:06 PM  
Ed Kohler said...

Great point about having fun. You won't find people congregating offline for non-fun reasons very often. Online is no different.

3:36 PM  
Richard said...

Yeah, Ed. The term "social" implies at least a component of fun, whether online or off.

BTW, I enjoy your blog. See comment #2 in your January '06 post about Technorati Optimization. ;-)

5:10 PM  

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