Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yahoo! Open Hack Day

Looks like Hack Day was a smashing success for Yahoo! Even an ex-Microsoft employee is jealous. Read more about the Hack Day winners (via TechCrunch). Interesting to read about the event from the point of view of Yahoo! employees: The new confidence of Yahoo! and Loads of new stuff from Yahoo! Developer Network for Open Hack Day. When you're an outsider following an event like this, tags certainly do help. Follow these tags from Flickr and del.icio.us (both Yahoo! properties) for more Hack Day coverage:

Flickr Tags: , ,
del.icio.us tags: , ,

I have 3 Yahoo! hacks of my own. Check them out:
  1. Flickr TagMan
  2. del.icio.us TagMan
  3. Track Yahoo! Search Marketing
Congratulations to Yahoo! on a successful Open Hack Day 2006!


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