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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Delicious Food from Maine

Blue Loon Munch Consumer Packaged GoodsLately, I've been eating some delicious food from Maine. Picked up some Blue Loon Munch (pictured to the left) here in Maryland at L.L.Bean at The Mall in Columbia. Nice to see a client's product featured at such a prominent retail outlet. Online, this consumer packaged good can be fetched for $4.95 (on the dried blueberries page). At L.L.Bean, the price tag is a bit steep at $6.50. Still, with not having to pay shipping fees, it cost less to buy 5 bags in the store. I ate some straight from the bag, mixed with yogurt, on ice cream and on breakfast cereal. This is definitely my favorite of all the Maine Munchies I've tried. Blue Loon Munch blends roasted almonds and dark organic lavender chocolate with dried wild blueberries. It really is delicious. And nutritious. It's even an ideal high energy food for business travel. Anyway, try some for yourself. If you're near an L.L.Bean store, get some there. Otherwise order some directly from Maine Munchies.

gourmet goat cheeseI've also eaten some gourmet goat cheese from Maine recently, courtesy of Seal Cove Farm. They milk the goats. They make the cheese. How authentic is that? I'll be doing some PPC advertising for them on Google in the near future. Speaking of Google, they've launched a Consumer Packaged Goods Blog (News and Notes from Google's CPG Vertical). Their motto: all the news from Google's ad team that fits in your fridge or pantry...and maybe a little bit more. Should be interesting to see if they blog about anything that's relevant to clients like Maine Munchies and Seal Cove Farm who produce some unique consumer packaged goods.

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