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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who Benefits from the AdWords AdSense Changes?

Who will benefit from the landing page quality changes? Google's AdSense customers? Google itself? Google's users? Google's AdWords customers? Google's users doesn't really make sense since we're talking about AdSense ads that run on content network sites other than and Google's search network. Google makes a point when explaining to its AdSense customers that it will become more "expensive" for advertisers' ads to show up on AdSense sites. My initial reaction is that Google and its AdSense customers will be the real beneficiaries of the landing page quality changes. If you read this excellent post, WSJ, Google, Content Match, Advertisers and Abuse (from the Merjis blog), you'd think Google would redouble its efforts on its own algorithm for matching AdWords customers' keywords to AdSense customers' pages. Sigh. If that match is not effective, then how can the landing page quality of the ad be assessed since that depends on the relevance of the AdWords ad to the AdSense ad in the first place? Are some Google customers more equal than others?

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