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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

AdWords Trick or Treat

Yes, Halloween was yesterday, but it's worth reading Trick-or-treat with AdWords today. It states:
If you're trying to "trick" people by using keywords and ad text that don't speak to what you actually have to offer, you may find that users click on your ad, but don't do much else. Instead, try providing both your users and yourself with a "treat" by using relevant keywords and writing ad text that is specific to the product or service that you'd like to promote.
Pretty basic but worth a reminder. Here's my "treat" for the AdWords Help community - a version of the AdWords Help Custom Search Engine that lets you pre-populate the search form with keywords. Notice the difference between the pages delivered by these two URLs:

What's the difference? If "?query=put+search+keywords+here" is appended to the URL, the page will include the search keywords in the html title (for better bookmarking), will include those search keywords in the search box and will include a link to save the specific search. Not a big deal, really, but this should come in handy for people answering questions in the various AdWords Help groups. Rather than having to either link to separate answers from sites like the AdWords Learning Center and Inside AdWords blog, posters can simply paste a simple, clean URL (the Google Co-op CSE links can get pretty ugly) that links to multiple answers. Since the AdWords Help Engine is limited to a handful of Google resources, the queries should yield useful results. Also, the searches can be bookmarked for future reference.

halloween pet costumes photoWhile I'm on the subject of Halloween, enjoy these pets in costume, courtesy of Retract-A-Gate. (Click on the photo to see more pet costumes.) Clearly, anyone who cares this much about their pets must want to buy a retractable pet safety gate. ;-)


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