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Monday, November 06, 2006

Google's New Landing Page Quality Score Algorithm

I suspect there'll be a slew of new questions in the AdWords Help groups as Google rolls out its new landing page quality score algorithm. At least they've announced this update. Important points:
  • Landing page quality is now relevant to contextual advertising
  • Landing page quality evaluation algorithm has been "improved"
I think the contextual advertising change will boost Google's revenue. Most advertisers now have the default settings for ad distribution (Google + Search network + Content network). If they currently have low quality landing pages, their ads might be "inactive for search" but still run on the content network. Now, they'll have to increase their content bids. With all the concern about click fraud, I think Google should worry more about an algorithm to detect the quality of content partner sites. Such an algorithm could block ads from running on low quality sites. Again, though, how is quality determined? That's going to be more difficult to assess on the content network versus the search network.

I'm more concerned about the improvements to the landing page quality evaluation algorithm and how that will impact search ads. The latest Inside AdWords blog post is rather vague stating that "there's no one-size-fits-all approach to best create landing pages. We therefore encourage you to focus on building landing pages that are best for your users, whether they come from AdWords or other sources." How does an algorithm determine what's best for a given advertiser's users? They aren't "users" anyway, they're potential customers. Only a potential customer knows if a landing page is useful for them. Is Google taking automation too far?

BTW, do you like how I've sprinkled some links in this post to the AdWords Help Custom Search Engine? These CSEs definitely are handy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude I think Google is on some seriously bad crack..the truth is google cannot, like you said, determine quality per user as everyone has different tastes and ideas of what they like.. its not what google there marketing specialists and have degrees in socialogy and human behavior, didnt we learn anything from dead and about to be dead dictators..

This is what us older people in marketing call..
I married the first girl I kissed theory.

Google is trying to create larger revenue by siding with very large advertisers, who cannot compete with the much more aggressive and hungry affiliates. The truth is with all of the compitition out of the way google can charge higher ppc and get away with it, useing the not yet a fact greater quality of a user click as the basis of the ppc increase.I believe this will create far less choices for users to select only.

This New Google is starting to become the dictator of marketing freedom on the internet and will have a very large hand in many businesses filing chapter,11 which is a strain on taxpayers and will ultimatly drive up taxes.The bidding system was successfull because it had no predjudice or discrimination in advertisers or affiliates..this is a blaitent attack on FREEDOM..Google is no longer a democracy..I cant wait for the new google rate card with the $18.00 cpm rates..that will be next..Like I said these people are overdosing on crack!

Sat Nov 18, 03:55:00 PM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

I do think Google's going a bit far with their landing page quality changes. However, in the long run, I suspect that they'll get it right. They have to. Yahoo and MSN are building out improved advertising systems. That increased competition is going to keep Google from going too far.

Fri Nov 24, 05:28:00 PM EST  

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