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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Google AdWords Help Recognition

Nice to see that someone at Google appreciates the help I offer in their AdWords Help forum. Read the post by AdWordsPro. I had no idea I was one of the top 5 posters. Here's an excerpt:

...we'd like to honor our top five posters, as noted below. Thanks to you five, and to all other members of AdWords Help, for making the forum the thriving community it is today!

Here they are, folks - the All Time Top 5 AdWords Help posters, as of the moment I write:

JezC, with a truly amazing 632 posts. Jeremy, how *do* you do it?
ianfusa, who has added a great deal to our community with his 364 posts
Rich@Apogee, who can always be counted on, with 253 posts
jtara, who has been very active indeed, with 239 messages
Very Readable Bill, with a most noteworthy total of 158 posts
I started posting to AdWords Help as user Rich@Apogee in February and have found the forum both a place to help and be helped. As with any Internet forum, not all of the responses are reliable. Still, there are a sufficient number of posters who supply useful information and AdWordsPro and AdWords Help Owner step in when necessary.

Incidentally, I've exchanged emails with 3 of the other 4 top posters over the past few months and have found them to be capable and helpful people. Visit their sites and see for yourself:

JezC - Merjis - effective marketing for the web
ianfusa - AdWords for Profit - Making money from Google AdWords and AdSense
Very Readable Bill - Very Readable Books

And, if you're looking for AdWords help, read my 11 Tips for Google AdWords. Post any Google AdWords questions to the AdWords Help group (it's actually a collection of Google Groups including AdWords Basics, AdWords Guidelines, Return on Investment and Beyond the Basics). You'll likely get an answer from JezC, ianfusa or myself.

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