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Monday, November 27, 2006

Cyber Monday Holiday Sales

Today is Cyber Monday. I'm anticipating a big day for our B2C (business-to-consumer) clients. It's going to be tough since more and more large merchants are aware of the importance of ecommerce for holiday shopping. Today, Google announced a holiday promotion for Google Checkout merchants, clearly timed for Cyber Monday. This could be a threat for ecommerce sites like eBay and Amazon as well as comparison shopping engines like Shopzilla and (owned by eBay).

Gift Boxes from Maine MunchiesForget about these big sites and big merchants on Cyber Monday! Buy something more unique this year. Our search engine marketing clients have plenty to offer. How about some gourmet goat cheese? Seasonal flowers, plants or gift baskets make an ideal holiday gift. Looking for a gift for him? Try a silent paint remover. Health conscious? Send a delicious, nutritious gift. Happy Cyber Monday!

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Blogger Cyber Monday said...

i love cyber monday. i cant wait for it this year.
cyber monday

Mon Sep 15, 02:09:00 AM EDT  

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