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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Big 3 Search Engines Join Forces

Quick note on an interesting development: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! are collaborating on a universal sitemaps protocol. All three companies are blogging about this extensively. Google: Google Webmaster Central Blog, Official Google Blog. Microsoft: Live Search's WebLog. Yahoo: Yahoo! Search blog, Yodel Anecdotal.

The news is spreading quickly in the blogosphere: TailRank, TechCrunch, Threadwatch.

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Anonymous Sitebases Protocol said...

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It can bring new search engine that named Search Engine 2.0.
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In this protocol, I suggested that all search engine can share their Big Sitebases each other, so the webmaster just need to submit their Sitebases to one Search Engine.
And I suggested that all search engines can open their search API for free and unlimited using.

Thu Dec 07, 05:10:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Art said...

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