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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Google AdWords Primer

I've been posting to the Google AdWords Help Group since February and have been amazed that so many people don't seem to understand even the basics of the Google AdWords system. Recently, I've started posting responses suggesting that advertisers read the first two sections of the AdWords Learning Center. These initial sections serve as a reasonable primer for AdWords. I'm pleased to see that the Inside AdWords blog crew has sent the same message. See their recent post: A Learning Center for everyone. Hmm, maybe they've been reading my posts in the help group? Nah. ;-)

It's not necessary to read all of the lessons. That would be a bit overwhelming for a new advertiser. There is some crucial information available in the first two lessons, particularly for local advertisers. Reading the second lesson, you'll realize that it's essential to create at least two campaigns for local ads. Read my full article, Local Search Advertising with Google AdWords, for a detailed explanation.

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