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Monday, March 06, 2006

Google AdWords Budget Tip

Set the daily budget for your ad campaign higher than Google recommends. If you set your daily budget too low, your ads will be displayed intermittently. This is not what you want. You always want your ad to be shown when someone searches for your keywords. Control your ad spend through other means such as employing negative keywords, using exact matches, targeting by region and adjusting keyword bids.

If you continue to max out your budget on a daily basis, your AdWords account is not optimized. Raising the budget is often not the best solution. Try narrowing the scope of your ads to focus on a specific niche. For example, a site selling an array of gifts might choose a single category such as retirement gifts. If those keywords are still too broad, ads could be written to focus on a specific anniversary such as first year anniversary gifts.

Another way to narrow the scope and stay under budget is to limit your use of broad match keywords. It's often a useful strategy to set bids higher for exact and phrase matches and use broad matches to catch keyword combinations you haven't thought of or found via keyword research tools. However, Google's expanded broad matching has gotten out of hand lately and can lead to too many impressions, clicks and saturation of a budget. There's been a lively debate about this topic on the Search Engine Watch Forums.

Whatever means you use, do what you can to keep your ad campaigns from reaching their daily budgets. Track them on a daily basis and make adjustments as necessary. The last thing you want is for your ads to be displayed only sometimes.

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