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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Squidoo LensRank

I noticed today that my pixel ads lens on Squidoo has a LensRank of #56. Cool! First time I've had a lens in the top 100. If you're considering buying pixels or just curious about pixel advertising, do read the lens. It should save you some time and/or money. Also, explore Squidoo by playing a game of Squidoo TagMan!

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Blogger Fritz said...

Hey Rich,

I think I just noticed that your blog debuted with a PR5. Good job!

Sat Feb 25, 08:14:00 PM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Hi Fritz, my blog was added to an existing site which already has many backlinks, so the PR5 isn't really from scratch. On my web server, I provide free search engine marketing articles, a free keyword research tool, free web analytics software and free web 2.0 tag games. Many external sites link to these free resources. I'm trying to make good use of my bandwidth. ;-)

Sun Feb 26, 09:20:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Jon said...

"Squidoo". Do you mind if I inquire where that name came from? I sense a creative origin. :)


Sat Mar 11, 10:40:00 AM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Jon, I don't know where the name Squidoo came from. Maybe this will help.

Wed Mar 15, 05:06:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Jon said...

Hmm. Yes. Quite helpful. Thanks!


Thu Mar 16, 01:48:00 AM EST  

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