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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Krugle Hype

What's with all the hype surrounding Krugle? Yes, it sounds interesting, but it doesn't even launch until March 8th. There are already plenty of source code search engines and sites to download open source software. What's so special about Krugle? Maybe the fact that is hasn't launched and they've successfully engaged in web 2.0 hype. I've noticed that Krugle has been a top search on Technorati for the past couple of days and has sometimes been in the top tags.

I'm curious about Krugle and signed up for the beta yesterday. Looks like I'll have to wait until March 8th to see what's so intriguing. In the meantime, here's some open source code for you: Technorati Tracker. It's web 0.2.1 code.

Looking at Krugle's save and share screenshot, looks like they're using tags. One problem with open source code on the web is that, unless you know the author, you won't know if it's solid code or garbage. I wonder if they'll add tagging features. If a large number of Krugle users tagged some source code with a common tag, that might confer some sort of usefulness value to a piece of code, similar to a large number of users bookmarking a page. Well, while you're waiting for Krugle, play a game of TagMan. Who knows? Perhaps you'll see "_ r _ _ l e" if you start off guessing RSTLNE. I'm sure I'll be posting about Krugle once I hear back about the beta. I wish them luck. Enough with the hype, though.

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