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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tag Blogs for Technorati Explore

With the launch of Technorati Explore, it's crucial to tag both blogs and blog posts. Technorati Explore appears to be a combination of their Tags and Blog Finder section. Whereas the Tags section lists recent posts by post tags and Blog Finder lists blogs ordered by authority based on blog tags, the Explore section lists recent posts by blog tags. Confused? Here's a simple way to look at it: Tags = posts, Blog Finder = blogs, Explore = posts based on blog tags. Complicating it again: Tags = recent posts, Blog Finder = authoritative or recent or alphabetical blogs, Explore = authoritative or recent posts based on blog tags.

Authority is measured by links, so Blog Finder shows blogs ordered by number of incoming links to the blog itself, while Explore shows blog posts ordered by number of incoming links to the specific post. This is important for smaller bloggers. Since Explore has replaced Popular in the main navigation of the Technorati site, it is possible for smaller bloggers to have increased exposure on Technorati. It looks like inclusion will be possible with only a couple of incoming links to a given blog post. That should be manageable. Also, in the Explore section, users can toggle between Recent Authority and Most Recent. So, if your blog is tagged for a given tag and you have posted recently, theoretically your blog post should be listed in the Explore section for that given tag.

Take the time, then, to claim your blog and configure it to include up to 20 blog tags. Think carefully about those blog tags. The tags you use when posting don't have to be the same as your blog tags. Which tags should you use for your blog? Naturally, that depends on the content of your blog. Start by looking at the categories Technorati has preset for the Explore section. These are currently listed on right hand side starting with Advertising and ending with Wine. If your blog matches some of those tags/categories, configure your blog to include them. Try some smaller, niche category tags as well. For more ideas about what tags to use, peruse the tags from elsewhere on Technorati and on other web 2.0 sites. For example, look at the popular tags pages on Technorati, and Squidoo. (If you want a fun way to explore these tags, play a game of TagMan. Each time you play a game, a new tag is randomly pulled from those pages).

Whatever tags you choose for your blog, track your hits from Technorati using web analytics tools and then adjust the blog tags as needed. Eventually, you'll settle on a core 20 tags for your blog. Hopefully, with your blog tags configured, you'll enjoy an increase in traffic from Technorati's new Explore section.

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Blogger xenmate said...

I have a blogger account and a Blog but don't have the tagging option.

How is it done?

Sun Jan 29, 10:25:00 PM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

To tag your blogs, open a Technorati account, claim your blog and then configure your blog. See this help page on Technorati for more info.

To tag your blog posts, you can do so manually, whether or not your claim your blog. See this help page on Technorati for more info.

Let me know if that helps.

Mon Jan 30, 04:58:00 PM EST  

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