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Friday, February 17, 2006

Pixel Ad Brrreeeport

Here's an update on the pixel ads (read Pixel Advertising Case Study and Pixel Ads Case Study Update if you want the full history) trend. These are the top 5 pixel ad sites for this past week, looking at unique visitors sent to from the ads on these pixel sites:

62 Million Dollar Homepage
37 Rent Pixel Ads
30 Fosfor Gadgets
21 Smash My Viper
19 Pixel Wars

For more details on why my firm has bought pixel ads from these sites and my thoughts on the future of pixel advertising, see my Squidoo pixel ads lens. Note that the Million Dollar Homepage has sold out. Currently, I'd avoid buying pixels from as the site has just been sold. I had purchased a 100x100 ad on their site at a fixed rate of $27 per month. The new owner is now charging $47 per month. Come on. You have to first prove your value before asking for more money. If anything, the new owner should offer existing advertisers an incentive to renew. Foolish. Besides, pixel sites for the sake of pixels is not the way to go. Advertisers want to advertise on a site that has good content. From the above list, Fosfor Gadgets is the best of the bunch. I'd highly recommend buying pixels from that site, particularly if your target audience fits with theirs.

If the tags below seem a bit strange, read TagMan brrreeeport and Z-lister - and proud of it for an explanation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


We have had good discussions on whether The Web2.0 Million Dollar Homepage will work. Thanks for your inputs earlier.

We are posting this comment after seeing the numbers in your post - i am sure we, at the Web2.0 MDHP, can beat these numbers - going by our current traffic, and given the fact that we have a cleaner page as of now.

Just wanted to let you know our thoughts -

Srinivasan & Vinay

Fri Feb 17, 06:19:00 PM EST  
Blogger fakir005 said...

We are trying to create history. We are just starting out. We are trying to remove the clutter of thousands of 100-pixel buyers. We are limiting all the pixel buys to 5,000 pixels. The 925x1100 will have about 220 5,000-pixel buyers.

Most sites the width of the sites is too much. You have to move the curser to see the end pixel ads. At our NEW ERA WISP
the whole wisp is clearly visible and the end ads are clearly in site. Besides there are only about 220 5,000-pixel ads.

Tue Feb 21, 11:58:00 AM EST  
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