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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Business 2.0 Energy Food Article

Reading this recent Business 2.0 article about energy food for business trips made me think about one of my search engine marketing clients, Maine Munchies. The article states:
To get a fast-acting boost without a harsh sugar crash, try pairing sugar with protein. A prepackaged trail mix with both nuts and dried fruits is a perfect (and portable) high-energy combo.
Many of the Maine Munchies products are, in fact, trail mix. Now, how can my client position their products as the ideal food for the business traveler? Wow, what a market to tap into. As an initial start, we put together a page on their site that references the article and positions the Maine Munchies snacks as natural high energy food. This page is linked to from the site map and will be used for PPC advertising campaigns.

This strategy of creating customized landing pages is a very useful tactic for both SEO and PPC campaigns. Often a pre-existing site will not have a section that fits a particular set of keywords. This relates to tip #8 of 11 Tips for Google AdWords Success.

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