Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Results Exit Poll Haikus

I don't know if anybody else enjoyed this election poetry. Using only from and , here are some election results exit poll haikus:


It was interesting watching the CNN last night. I "interacted" with a few of the bloggers by posting comments. One of them, Lost Remote, integrated my election tag ideas in their coverage. See what they're about.

Update: Steve Rubel's Social Media and the Election post references the Lost Remote election tags post. I think it's the tags in the socialmedia space, in particular, that make tracking live events practical. Traditional search engines like Google don't help in real-time. As bloggers and other creators of content (such as Flickr photos) tag their content for events, the tags preclude, to some degree, the need for a sophisticated algorithm to find relevant content pertaining to the event. The intelligence involved in creating the tags in the first place orders the results. As a handful of tags coalesce around a particular event, it becomes possible to track the event in real-time across many socialmedia sites by following the tags.


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