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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Pixel Advertising Happy New Year to Clients

One aspect of running my own business that I particularly enjoy is learning about the business models of other companies. Having a degree in aerospace engineering and work experience as a software engineer, it's honestly taking me awhile to adapt to being a small business owner. Working with clients who are mom-and-pop operations to small venture-backed firms and larger employee-owned companies, I'm getting a glimpse of what it takes to manage and grow a business. It is a privilege to work with a wide variety of fascinating companies.

With that in mind, I'm keen to start the new year. I want to start by mentioning a few of the companies who are clients. Rather than simply list them, I thought it would be fun to do something a little more interesting. I've decided to borrow from the short-lived pixel advertising fad that came in 2005 and went in 2006, originally started by the Million Dollar Homepage.

So, I thought I'd highlight, in pixel ads form, some of the search marketing clients I've had the pleasure of working with during the course of 2007. I randomly chose 12 (seems like a good number) and then grabbed a 40 x 40 set of pixels from each client's site. Should make for an interesting collage. Click through and visit these sites:

project portfolio managementmaine giftsplastic containers
appointment scheduling softwarepet supplementspaint remover
analytical investingmedical scrubspink tool belt
goat cheeseunique personalized giftsmedical evacuation membership

I'm honored to have these companies as clients from 2007 and look forward to working with them in 2008. Happy New Year!

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