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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

National Poinsettia Day is December 12

A year ago today (December 12), I was on Sirius Satellite Radio talking about National Poinsettia Day and poinsettia care. Here's an excerpt from my post from last year:
The owner of the company couldn't be on the phone at that time because his daughter had a concert. Gotta love these mom-and-pop businesses - they have their priorities straight. Anyway, since I've been working with them for awhile (since 2002) and am quite familiar with their products, he asked me to answer questions about on the air. I haven't been on the radio before, but have been on plenty of conference calls. Seemed just like one of those so I think it went pretty well. Will see if I can get a hold of some audio from the 10 minutes or so I was on the air. Was able to plug their monthly gift service and seasonal items like poinsettias. Hopefully, I helped them out.
poinsettiasWell, since it is National Poinsetta Day, why don't you send someone the gift of a poinsettia today? I know a place where you can order some. Choose red, white or pink. ;-)

BTW, my post from last year included a couple of small business marketing ideas, based on being contacted by Sirius Satellite Radio. Read the bottom of that post...

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