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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2 Suggestions for Google AdWords

I have two suggestions for improving Google AdWords. They pertain to giving advertisers more control over:
  1. Broad matches implemented as expanded broad matches
  2. Parked domain ad distribution via AdSense for Domains
Neither of these features existed in the original version of AdWords. I don't want either removed from AdWords, but the way Google has implemented them is not in the best interest of its advertisers. These features should be optional, at the discretion of the advertiser rather than Google. For instance, these are the basic match type choices:

[exact match]
"phrase match"
broad match

Since broad match is, by default, implemented as expanded broad match, advertisers should have the option to choose standard broad match (no synonyms) or expanded broad match. It should be explicit and not default to expanded. For example, I propose these match types for the AdWords system:

[exact match]
"phrase match"
/expanded broad match/
standard broad match

This would give advertisers the option to take advantage of the expanded matching feature but would make it more clear what they're actually purchasing. The current implementation of expanded broad matches has some deleterious side effects. I advise caution while using broad matches.

The second option, which isn't really optional, pertains to ad distribution. When advertisers buy clicks from Google, they expect to be purchasing search advertising or contextual advertising. Sometimes, though, the advertisers' ads are being distributed to parked domains. That would be perfectly fine if the advertisers had some choice in the matter. Instead, Google routes AdSense for Domains traffic on *both* the AdWords search and content networks. There is a concerted lack of transparency on Google's part. I'd like to see these kind of choices:

google ad distribution networks

The AdWords content network choice distributes ads via AdSense for Content. Why not create an AdWords domain network choice for AdSense for Domains traffic? It's time. This would appease dissatisfied customers. The current practice of routing the parked domains traffic on the existing search and content networks and then hiding the domains from reports creates a de facto hidden ad network. This seems only logical:

if { AdWords content network == AdSense for Content }
then { AdWords domain network = AdSense for Domains }

The current implementation looks more like:

AdWords search network + content network = AdSense for Domains

That just doesn't make any sense, does it? It's a hack. Yes, a poorly implemented hack. It needs to be fixed. Google can do better. The advertisers deserve better. Domainers deserve to have their traffic isolated and valued for its true worth, too. Seriously.

Anyway, I know Google's busy spending the money advertisers give them buying jumbo jets and then pursuing green projects to balance out the environmental impact of such conspicuous consumption. Maybe someone at Google, though, has their feet on the ground, listens to their core customers, and would like to improve the AdWords platform. ;-)

Do you think upgrading AdWords to provide more control over expanded matches and parked domain ads would be useful for advertisers?

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Blogger Dave deBronkart said...

Good suggestions.

Wed Nov 28, 12:45:00 PM EST  
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Fri Oct 30, 04:00:00 AM EDT  

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