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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Spamming Google via AdWords

More evidence of the Google dichotomy. In an attempt to limit search engine spam, Google's going after sites that sell paid links. At the same time, Google is accepting spam in its own paid links, AdWords. What's wrong with this picture?

google adwords spam

On a somewhat related note, I wonder if anyone's spamming sitelinks.

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Anonymous dreamdaily said...


Thank you for the excellent blog. I've just discovered it. I deal with the Google daily and have see a lotof things you mention. So I'm reading your posts and enjoying the resonance.

Quick question on this one: sitelinks.
Do we know anything on the "requirements" to get sitelink-ed?

Wed Dec 26, 12:18:00 AM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks for the compliment, dreamdaily.

Google's only provided limited information about how sitelinks are generated. Maybe this help page will contain more information in the future.

Tue Jan 01, 10:49:00 PM EST  

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