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Monday, December 17, 2007

Apogee Search != My Search Engine Marketing Company

Apogee Search is not related to my search engine marketing company, Apogee Web Consulting LLC. I'm not sure why there's any confusion. They're in Texas. My company's in Maryland. Here's an email I received from a blog reader:
Are you affiliated with Apogee Search Engine Marketing in Austin? If not, it's confusing as I've always associated your blog and your site with search engine marketing in the past.
Apogee Search was recently quoted in a Wired blog regarding PayPerPost. I want to make sure my company is not associated with PayPerPost. I'm not a big fan of that concept. Apogee Web Consulting was mentioned in a Wired blog about the presidential election and Google AdWords.

apogee search logoIf you're looking for Apogee Search of Texas, here's their blog. They are a Google AdWords Qualified Company. Here's their logo.

My company is called Apogee Web Consulting. You are currently reading my search engine marketing blog. I am a Google AdWords Qualified Individual. This is my company's logo (designed by Second Street Web Design):

apogee web consulting logo

Clear? Apogee Search and Apogee Web Consulting are unrelated companies. And, no, this is not a paid post. ;-)

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