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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bill Richardson for President?

Does Bill Richardson still have a chance to be President now that only four Democratic candidates were present at tonight's presidential debate? Since the debate, more people are searching for information about Governor Richardson than the other Democratic candidates. Here's the current search trends data from (used by the experimental TagTrends tool). Notice the word "hourly" in the data feed URL. This is very current data:
  1. bill richardson
  2. governor richardson
Is this an indication that he is still in the race? From a search advertising perspective, notice that neither of those searches currently have any pay per click ads running alongside the natural search results. Over the short term, the long tail of search is often the short head. IOW, there's plenty of opportunity for nimble pay per click advertisers. Ditto for bloggers aware of QDF and SEO.

Getting back to Bill Richardson, though, does he still have the opportunity to be President?

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