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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

PPC Advertising Comedy

PPC and SEO work can be pretty dull at times. Sometimes the search engine marketing community needs a little drama to liven things up. Yeah, I'm talking about the misguided Ted Leonsis SEO contest (that post is from my other blog for the TagMan web 2.0 tags game). I entered the contest because I respect Ted Leonsis and if SEOs are going to "pollute" the SERPs for his name (Google search for ted leonsis) I'd like to jump in and get some positive URLs in there. This is all transient. After Christmas Eve, all the links will be taken down and things'll settle back down to normal.

Here's where it gets interesting. Yesterday, Jason Calacanis apparently said "SEO is bull$h!t" during a keynote address at the Chicago SES (Search Engine Strategies) conference. These guys (very reliable sources) say he said it while ShoeMoney (who's always very honest) claims otherwise. If Calacanis did disrespect the very industry he was presenting to, then I think these SEOs should mess with his ego surfing, which they are doing. I can see why people in the SEO/M community are upset with Jason Calacanis but not with Ted Leonsis. Now, getting to the title of this post, if you search on Google for ted leonsis, you'll currently see these two ads:

Reputation Management
Playing Games With Your Reputation
Get a Real SEO to Protect it Today

Vanity Ranks Go Both Ways
Smokey the Bear says Reputation
Management is no laughing matter.

What's interesting is that these SEOs (SEMs really) are writing their ads for an audience of one: Ted Leonsis. I tend to get a little impatient waiting for SEO results to kick in, so I decided to engage in some PPC advertising myself. I'm rotating two ads, one of which reads:

To the Bear and the Wolf
You animals should be howling
about Calacanis. Not Mr. Leonsis!

I think this is quite funny that they're writing ads for Ted Leonsis to read and I'm writing ads for them to read. What kind of a conversation is that? In the meantime, anyone searching on Google can observe the discussion. I hope they're enjoying this PPC advertising comedy. Anyway, if you want to help me with the Ted Leonsis SEO contest, please read this. I'm playing for:

maine youth soccer club

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