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Ted Leonsis SEO Contest

  Update 12/29/06: The Ted Leonsis SEO Contest is over. Thanks for your help.

If you'd like to help me compete in the Ted Leonsis SEO Contest, please link to this URL:


from your site, your blog, your directory, etc. Or, post my Ted Leonsis Squidoo page to your social bookmarks (like del.icio.us or furl). Think of other ways to create links to my Ted Leonsis page. Other social media / web 2.0 sites to consider using: reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon. If you write a blog post (or two), please consider including the ted leonsis Technorati tag. Email your contacts and ask them to post links and to use other methods to generate links. Be creative but, at the same time, please don't spam. Thank you very much. Keep in mind that if I do win, I will donate the $500 prize to this youth soccer program:

Blackbear United Football Club

Here are some examples of ways to link. You can cut-and-paste the sample code from the text boxes:

Ted Leonsis

Ted Leonsis SEO Contest

Check out this Ted Leonsis lens on Squidoo.

This is the first (and likely only) SEO contest I'm competing in. If you want to understand my reasons, read these blog posts:
Ted Leonsis SEO Contest is Misguided
Ted Leonsis SERP Update

Thanks for your help!
- Richard Ball (aka TagMan)