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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Technorati Update

Wow. I just posted a couple of days ago about a free Technorati tool I'd developed and made open source. It's already going to need an update. The tool tracks hits from the various Technorati sections (Search, Tags, Blog Finder, Popular). Now, I see that they've replaced Popular with Explore in the navigation bar across the top of the site. I wonder if the Popular pages were becoming a bit too stale. Note that the Popular section is in the footer of the site. Maybe the Explore section will bring some exposure to smaller blogs, like mine! Despite some complaints I've seen around the blogosphere, I've been quite impressed with the pace of innovation at Technorati.

While you're exploring the new Technorati Explore feature, you can also explore their tags by playing a game of Technorati TagMan.

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