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Monday, January 23, 2006

Busy Day for Flickr TagMan

Lots of people have been playing Flickr TagMan today. That's cool. I like to see people enjoying my software, whether it's a fun game like TagMan or more serious stuff like open source web analytics software. People found the Flickr version of the game today due to mentions in two prominent blogs: CrunchNotes and fosfor gadgets.

CrunchNotes is a companion blog to TechCrunch which tracks what's happening in the web 2.0 space. I recently found TechCrunch via Technorati and have been enjoying the blog. I particularly like their new TechCrunch Index, a list of the various web2.0 companies they've covered.

I bought pixel ads on fosfor gadgets a few months ago for my client Eco-Strip. I decided today to buy pixels for my firm's site and mentioned to the site owner the new Flickr TagMan game. He liked it and posted an entry with a screenshot of the game plus a link to the TagMan page on Squidoo.

I'm grateful to these bloggers for blogging about TagMan. I hope people are enjoying the game.

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