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Thursday, January 19, 2006

For Thursday 13, 11 Google AdWords Tips

13 11 Tips for Google AdWords Success
  1. Use keywords in ad text
    Show the searcher that your ad is relevant. Google will display the search keywords in bold in your ad if they're present. This helps your ad stand out from the crowd.

  2. Keep ad group keyword list short
    Instead of having a single ad group with a large list of keywords, create many ad groups, each with a short list. This will help you achieve tip #1.

  3. Bid high initially
    Google's ad system determines placement by both bid and CTR (click through rate). To earn a high CTR, you first need to generate some clicks. Bid high initially so your ad is seen early in the search results. Once you have a high CTR, lower your bids.

  4. Set daily budget higher than Google recommends
    If you set your daily budget too low, your ad will be displayed intermittently. This is not what you want. You always want your ad to be shown when someone searches for your keywords. Control your ad spend through other means such as employing negative keywords, using exact matches, targeting by region and adjusting keyword bids.

  5. Avoid bidding wars
    Don't waste money getting into bidding wars for a handful of high volume keywords. Instead, expand your keyword list to include more specific keywords that have a lower search volume. Collectively, these keywords will reach the search volume of more expensive keywords. Your average CPC (cost per click) will fall dramatically using this tactic.

  6. Set higher bids on exact matches
    Include both broad and exact matches for a keyword phrase. Set the bid higher for the exact match. This allows you to control the position of the ad for the exact search. For example, if your ad group bid is set to 10 cents, you might set a 25 cents bid for the exact match:
    [keyword phrase] ** 0.25
    keyword phrase

  7. Use negative keywords
    Your ad will not be displayed if the search includes a negative keyword. Add more negative keywords at regular intervals. As your negative keyword list grows, your ad group's CTR will increase, saving you money and/or improving your ad's position. For example, if you sell products or services at a premium, include negative keywords like:

  8. Use a relevant landing page
    For most searches, don't point the ad to your home page. Choose a landing page on your site that includes the keywords from the search. In some cases, it's worth creating a custom page that's not in the normal navigation of your site.

  9. Separate search and content campaigns
    Many people lose money using AdWords when their site is swamped with hits from content ads. Most people don't realize that displaying ads on Google's content network is turned on by default. Either turn off the content network or create separate campaigns for search and content ads.

  10. Test multiple versions of ad
    Take advantage of Google's feature allowing multiple ads to be created and rotated within a single ad group. Test different ad text and see which version works best, both from an ROI and CTR perspective. A better ad will lead to a higher CTR and lower bids for the same ad position.

  11. Track your results
    Don't rely on Google's reporting tools. They're good, but you need more detail, particularly to see which actual keyword phrases your broad matches are triggering. You'll need this to help build your list of negative keywords for each ad group. Plus, click fraud is a problem and needs to be addressed.
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Okay, let's make it a full Thursday Thirteen:
  1. Take a break and play a game of Flickr TagMan.

  2. Play a game of Technorati TagMan and perhaps Thursday Thirteen will be the answer.
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Blogger Norma said...

If I were going to earn money with my 7 blogs, I'd surely use your list, but I'm just doing it for fun.

My TT is up and ready.

Thu Jan 19, 03:36:00 PM EST  
Blogger Randy said...

Hi! My Thursday 13 are up too

Thu Jan 19, 04:08:00 PM EST  
Blogger Killired said...

Hi... I'm new to blogging since december and today is my first TT... and Google...well let's just say that I live, eat, breath Google...

come check me out!

Thu Jan 19, 04:25:00 PM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Norma, yeah I'm kind of a dork. Hence, the list.

Randy, thanks for visiting and playing a Flickr game.

Killired, enjoyed your first TT. This is my 2nd and it's certainly an interesting concept.

Thu Jan 19, 04:43:00 PM EST  
Blogger WendyWings said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

Thu Jan 19, 04:52:00 PM EST  
Blogger WendyWings said...

TT is actually officialy closing down today if you look at Leannes blog.

I don't make money off my blog it is just a promotional tool and fun thing for me :)

My TT is up

Thu Jan 19, 04:53:00 PM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Hi Miss Wings. Um, I don't make money off my blog, either. Don't plan on running ads on it. Just thought I'd do a different sort of list.

Yeah, I saw the post about the TT ending. It will only end if people stop doing it. Likewise, it will continue if people continue to post lists, tag for Technorati, and comment on each others blogs.

Thu Jan 19, 04:58:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Bug said...

Thanks for stopping by! That tagman game is addicting! LOL! You've been added to my list (day late *chuckle*) Have a good one! :)

Fri Jan 20, 09:51:00 AM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Hey Bug. Day late, no problem. I'll add you to the list of links.

Fri Jan 20, 10:24:00 AM EST  

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