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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Technorati Explore Update to Technorati Tracker

The Technorati Tracker tool now includes the Technorati Explore section. The tool tracks hits to your blog from Technorati and counts hits from the various sections: Search, Tags, Blog Finder, Explore, Popular. See the demo.

Even if you're using a web statistics package like Webalizer or web analytics software like Google Analytics, sometimes it's useful to have a custom report to focus on an important aspect of your web traffic. The Technorati Tracker tool isolates hits from, visits from Technoratibot and displays a bar chart identifying which Technorati sections are bringing the most hits. It also displays the keywords used on Technorati so you can see which of your blog tags and blog post tags are effective. Also, since the tool is open source, you can extend it to suit your own needs. Perhaps you need to look at archived traffic or want to analyze hits from other blogging sites. You can extend the code (unix shell cgi script) to do so.

Take a look at the Technorati Tracker information page where you can view the demo and download the code. I hope it's a useful tool for Technorati users.

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