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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3 Steps for Inclusion in the New Google Plus Box

Google has a new feature called Plus Box:
We're very excited to unveil Plus Box, a new search feature that lets you see more information about individual search results. Whenever you see the plus box icon - - click on it to see the additional rich data expand below the original search result. With Plus Box, you'll get a visual snapshot of related information, so it is faster and easier to find exactly what you're looking for... Right now, we're showing two types of Plus Box results: stock information and maps.
Here's an example of what this feature looks like, for a search on new school virginia:

new school virginia

Here are Google's instructions for getting listed in the Plus Box results:
  1. Ensure your address appears in your web site in plain text (not embedded in an image) and Google can crawl your site.
  2. Sign in to our Local Business Center using a Google Account.
  3. Provide your address information (so that it matches your web site).
I like this feature. It doesn't clutter up the search results. I'll be curious to see what other types of searches include Plus Box results.

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