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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yahoo! and Google Both Suck

There's plenty of chatter about this whole Google copying a Yahoo! splash page for Microsoft IE7 (see TechCrunch, Scobleizer, Tailrank). Reading the "debate" between Matt Cutts of Google and Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! I can only come to this conclusion: Yahoo! sucks. Google sucks. This is just plain silly. In the PPC advertising space, both Google and Yahoo! are imitators. Overture, formerly GoTo and since acquired by Yahoo! was the originator. So, why don't you guys (Matt/Jeremy and Google/Yahoo!) stop bickering and get back to innovating?

Both Yahoo! and Google are great companies (I don't really think they both suck - they're just both acting that way right now.) Currently, Google has the best advertising platform online. Yahoo! is building (re-building Overture?) a similar platform. Yahoo! also owns some fantastic social media properties like Flickr and While on the topic, have you tried a game of Flickr TagMan or TagMan? The problem for Yahoo! is that it does not matter if they build a comparable or even a better advertising platform than Google if they don't have the search traffic to monetize. Yahoo! needs to take market share away from Google. I actually think they can do this.

In Google Concedes Yahoo has the Answers (posted on 11/29) I suggested a couple of ways Yahoo! could leverage its social bookmarking service to differentiate its core search product from Google's. That blog entry had quite a few visits from corporate Yahoo! IPs. I wonder if they concur with some of those thoughts. More recently, VC Fred Wilson wrote a post on 12/7 where he suggests using as the foundation for a killer social search engine.

I'm beginning to think that Google is about technology and algorithms whereas Yahoo! is about people and social media. If Yahoo! wants to beat (or at least compete) with Google in the realm of search (and it has to because that's where the money is right now) then it needs to leverage its core strengths rather than trying to imitate Google's.

BTW, notice that someone from Yahoo! posted a comment on my last blog post about the lack of comments on Google corporate blogs? No, Yahoo! doesn't suck. Neither does Google.

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