Sunday, December 31, 2006

Testing Alternative to Technorati Tags

I've been thinking lately that I've been creating too many links for the benefit of Technorati. I'm testing Apogee Tags, an alternative to Technorati Tags. Instead of using tags like:

I'm going to start using tags like:

I'm using the following rewrite rule in the .htaccess file in the /tagman/ directory for my firm's Apache web server to accomplish this:

RewriteRule ^tag/(.+)$ /tagman/tagsummary.php?tag=$1

I've studied the Technorati tags help page and the microformats rel-tag page, so this should all work fine. If it does, I'll no longer use Technorati tags in blog posts. Each TagSummary page will include links for tags for Technorati, Flickr, Squidoo and These are the web 2.0 sites that I've created TagMan game versions for. Here are the test tags (try them to see the tag summaries):

I hope this works and Technorati picks up these tags! These tag summaries should then be useful for both tagging blog posts and also for creating a useful page to explore tags across multiple web 2.0 sites.


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