Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ted Leonsis SERP Update

Ok, so I've reluctantly joined this SEO contest. Read my rationale via Ted Leonsis SEO Contest is Misguided. Since the contest ends in about 30 days, I think my Ted Leonsis Squidoo lens will have the best chance of doing well in the SERPs in that short of a timeframe. Since I'm joining the contest late, I'd be happy just to get into the top 10 on Google for this SERP: ted leonsis. I'd like to bump some of the negative SEO URLs and replace it with one that's positive about Ted Leonsis. Here's a snapshot of the current top 10 on Google:
  1. AOL | Who We Are | Who's Who | Ted Leonsis
  2. Ted's Take
  3. Ted's Take - AIM
  4. Ted Leonsis - Washington Capitals
  5. Ted Leonsis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. Ted Leonsis
  7. iMedia Connection: Q&A with AOL Vice Chairman Ted Leonsis
  8. Ted Leonsis: Uber SEO or About to Have A Reputation Management ...
  9. Ted Leonsis: See what people are saying right now on Technorati
  10. » Blog Archive » Ted Leonsis is an SEO, too
As of right now, then, search results #6, #8, #10 are SEO plants. Want to help me help Ted Leonsis and possibly win cash for Blackbear United Football Club? Please link to my Ted Leonsis Squidoo page. Cut-and-paste the html code in this box for an example:


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