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Friday, November 14, 2008

Client Wins Salesforce Appy Award for Marketing Excellence

I enjoy seeing my clients succeed.  When they are recognized for that success, it's even more rewarding.  TimeTrade, a client who provides appointment scheduling software, recently won the 2008 Salesforce Appy Award for Marketing Excellence:
The award recognizes the customer who has demonstrated excellence with Salesforce CRM Marketing. The customer has improved lead quality and conversions, has high campaign ROI and campaign effectiveness, and understands the importance of integrated sales and marketing. TimeTrade Systems won the award for their very effective use of Salesforce for Google AdWords.
Here's a screenshot I grabbed from the Dreamforce 2008 webcast:

TimeTrade wins Salesforce Marketing Excellence Award

Congratulations, Dave!


Blogger Dave said...

I'm so remiss in being late to reply. Thanks!

This award was because we have good solid metrics about the success we've had growing our business with Google AdWords. Because of AdWords our new business YTD is 68% higher than it would have been. (That's new business, not total revenue, not repeat customers - I'm saying that our growth is 68% greater than the amount we earned without AdWords.) We know this because our AdWords deals are tracked within so we know which keywords produce deals, etc.

But the tracking wouldn't do any good if AdWords itself didn't produce those extra deals, and that's where Apogee comes in. I'm here to shout, what I know about Google AdWords, I learned from Richard Ball.

Earlier that same day I'd delivered one of the conference sessions, on getting started with Salesforce For Google AdWords (SFGA). In that talk I specifically named Rich as Da Man, the one people should turn to if they want to know what really works.

Note, too: more than once when others have pitched us about their own SEO skills, I've had Rich sit in on the call, and every time his advice has panned out well.

Here's the recorded presentation (slides plus audio). The award wasn't FOR the presentation, but it was for the work that the presentation describes.

Thu Nov 20, 11:18:00 AM EST  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dave.

Really good presentation. There was one slide that was particularly good. ;-)

Congratulations, again.

Thu Nov 20, 02:59:00 PM EST  

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