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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

SearchPerks ( - Is Microsoft a Dinosaur?

SearchPerks is a new promotion powered by Microsoft Live Search. When I went to the site using Firefox, this is what I saw:


I outlined the error message in the above image in red. It reads:
To earn value for your searches and join the SearchPerks! promotion you must have Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher to participate. Copy this URL and paste it into Internet Explorer:
Notice, too, the statusid=2101 at the end of the URL. I wondered what other error messages would be displayed. Changing that to 2102, I'm greeted with this dandy:
Your operating system is not supported. This program requires Windows XP or Windows Vista in order to run.
Does the Microsoft strategy to gain search engine market share from Google involve locking users into the Microsoft web browser *and* a Microsoft operating system? Wow. Does Microsoft NOT understand the Web? Maybe Leonsis was right. Is Microsoft a dinosaur?

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