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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Automatic Matching is a Dumb Idea for Google AdWords

Automatic matching is a dumb idea. I try to be polite, but with all the existing flaws of expanded matching, why would Google push ahead with an even more aggressive matching algorithm? So, if you see this message in your Google AdWords account:

automatic matching beta message

Run, do not walk, to edit your campaign(s) settings:

Google AdWords advanced campaign settings

Make sure that checkbox for the "Show ads on more search queries without adding keywords" option is NOT checked. You don't want this. Heed the warnings from other others like SearchQuant and Dan Thies. Automatic matching is, simply put, a dumb idea.

BTW, while you're opting out of this new AdWords feature, you might want to also opt out of AdSense for Domains. I think that's another dumb idea by Google. Serving domain parking ads is a good idea, but not routing those clicks through the search network when no searches actually occur. IOW, the concept is good but the implementation is poor. As PPC advertisers become aware of the automatic matching beta and the liberties Google is taking with their ad spend, I think they'll pay a bit more attention to where all the clicks are coming from.

For those of you as concerned about the quality of your paid clicks as Google is about their organic search quality, here's my advice:
  1. Opt out of automatic matching!
  2. Opt out of AdSense for Domains (at least for pure search campaigns)!
  3. Subscribe to Apogee Weblog so you'll know what to opt out of next. ;-)
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