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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mother's Day Flower Delivery for 23 Cents!

Some of my clients are pretty funny. The owner of Plantrex Interior Landscaping Company & Flower Shop is a big sports fan. In light of the Papa John's to offer Cleveland residents 23-cent pizzas fiasco, he's decided to offer 23 cents for Mother's Day Flower Delivery. Use code PAPAJOHNS when checking out. This code is valid today only! Plantrex works with other florists around the nation so this offer is not limited to the Cleveland area.

Here are excerpts of the note he sent to his mailing list:
As a courtesy to everybody I know (feel free to pass onto EVERYBODY) and an opportunity to stick it to the genius that approved those shirts in DC, I have compiled a list of every Papa John’s with phone numbers and addresses that are honoring the 23 cent one topping large pizza on Thursday. I have called over 20 of these stores – they are all opening at 10 a.m. to start taking orders on Thursday. A few are taking orders ahead of time, most are saying you have to call that day.

As many of you know, this is my busiest week of the year due to Mother’s Day. I’m a huge Cavs fan so taking time away from my business to do this will cost me but I believe it’s worth it. With that in mind though I am going to plug my company and remind everybody that Mother’s Day is this Sunday and our website is

I am offering a 23 cent delivery for any floral order placed on our website between now and midnight on Wednesday the 7th. To get this discounted delivery, log onto, select the item(s) you would like and on the first checkout page, enter the promotional code papajohns and click the submit button. Your delivery fee will be reduced from $7.95 to just 23 cents (your discount will most likely be shown as a reduction of $7.72 off your product – we’re not quite sure how to make it appear on the delivery but bottom line is, you will be paying just 23 cents for delivery).
So, don't procrastinate if you want to send Mother's Day Flowers. Also, keep Plantrex in mind for future floral needs. Their flat delivery fee of $7.95 is better than most online florists, anyway.

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