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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PPC Plus Parking Post Preview

I'm working on some posts on domain parking from a PPC advertiser's perspective. The way this week is shaping up, I'm not sure when I'll publish them, so here's a quick preview. Using Frank Schilling's as an example (note his new blog), which is better from a PPC advertising perspective? Ads on Yahoo:

ads on yahoo

Same (not quite) ads on

rum cakes ads

Think about the fact that PPC ads don't have to compete with organic search results on a parked domain. Is typing into a browser address bar equivalent to typing "rum cakes" in a search box on Yahoo? What about when people navigate to via links instead of direct navigation. When is a search not a search? Anyway, subscribe to Apogee Weblog if you want to find out more about when parked domains can be a better option than search advertising.

Note that parked domains can also be much worse than search advertising. I plan to explain how PPC advertisers can watch for click fraud from parked domains. Click the image for an example: click fraud

More to follow...


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