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Friday, October 26, 2007

Pink Postcard for

A pink postcard for came in the mail yesterday. I knew it was coming. I saw the spike in searches the day before: search trends

The search trend continued into the next day, too. Quick thoughts on this:
  1. Could you imagine the Google backlash if Google didn't route these searches to the United States Postal Service website? (See Domain Name Search Hijacking by Google)
  2. Why aren't competitors like UPS and Fedex advertising on these searches? (See Google AdWords Tip: Direct Navigation via Search)
  3. The pink postcard was effective. I didn't know about Customized Postage before. Looks like something my family would consider using.
stamps ads on usps.comRegarding #2, the PPC advertisers I currently see for the search are all stamps-related. Not sure if they're showing up for this search due to expanded broad matching on stamps or postage keywords or if they're actually bidding on usps keywords. Maybe one of them is. I do find it interesting that neither Fedex nor UPS are running ads.

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