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Thursday, October 11, 2007 + + Facebook = 9rules?

The new version of (dubbed Ali2) is an interesting step in the evolution of 9rules. It has grown from a blog network (entries) to a community of bloggers (notes) and has recently added a social bookmarking service of sorts (clips). Weaving this all together (my.9rules) has created an entity that's different from other social networking sites. I'm not quite sure how to classify it - I'm still exploring the new 9rules site. As I assert in the title of this blog post, though, it feels like a combination of + + Facebook. These are the core sections:

9rules ali2 sections

I think the new feature, 9rules Clips, is a potential killer app and could make the site useful for a far broader audience. From this note about clips:
As much as we'd hate to admit it, all great content on the web isn't produced by our Members or here within Notes. Sometimes there are pieces of content that you want to share with others, especially if it is really good. For this reason we created Clips to help you share the content you enjoy with others in the Community.
Why are sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Techmeme so popular? They add a human element to search, to discovery. Algorithmic search engines like Google aren't always sufficient for finding answers. These other social bookmarking or social networking sites (or whatever you want to call them) essentially serve as collaborative filtering agents. I visit Techmeme most days. It's a great filter for finding what's happening in the technology realm. By design, though, it is constrained to that topic and limits the number of sites it chooses to link to. Perhaps, then, it's too narrow. On the other end of the spectrum, sites like are perhaps too broad and full of noise.

Is there room, then, for a site to fill that void in the middle? This is the opportunity with 9rules Clips due to the existing community and the personalization features. For example, I might just want to see what others have clipped in a single 9rules community like Business:

9rules business community clips

I might also want to see items clipped by my.9rules friends (via the Clips tab on my Dashboard). As with any of these social bookmarking/networking sites, a feature like 9rules Clips will become more useful via a network effect. The more people use it, the more it will become useful for the people who use it, particularly if the community of people who use it are clipping high quality items of interest. Because 9rules has an established base of active bloggers, there's a good chance that network effect will occur.

Check out 9rules Clips for yourself. Does it, indeed, propel 9rules to something akin to + + Facebook?

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